Südtirol Gutschein
Südtirol Gutschein
Südtirol Gutschein
Südtirol Gutschein
Südtirol Gutschein

Why choose South Tyrol Vouchers?

Three good reasons to buy a voucher for your next holiday
Share the anticipation!
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Holidays may have to wait, but happiness doesn’t.

Are you dreaming of a holiday in South Tyrol, of Schlutzkrapen and Speck, of mountain experiences and adventures in nature, of a safe retreat to escape everyday life? That’s what our hotel vouchers are all about. As soon as you get your voucher, you can enjoy the anticipation knowing that your dream holiday is waiting for you. Vouchers also afford you all the flexibility you need, allowing you to secure you holiday now and enjoy it at a later time, when it’s convenient for you. Some things are worth waiting for… and anticipation is part of the fun!

Holiday vouchers are a great gift idea.

Our vouchers are also a perfect gift to surprise your loved ones with. It doesn’t have to be for a full holiday, of course. You can also choose a voucher for a spa treatment or a delicious dinner at the hotel restaurant. Whatever your choice, you can’t go wrong with South Tyrol Vouchers!


Solidarity pays off.

Our voucher portal has been created to counter the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on our local economy. As our guests, you have the chance to help South Tyrolean tourism businesses through this difficult time. By purchasing South Tyrol Vouchers, you are setting an example while also letting your favourite hotel know that you’ll visit them again soon. Your support is invaluable, and we look forward to thanking you in person for your help. That's why we have taken all precautions that allow us to welcome you with all our heart and treat you to an unforgettable holiday.

South Tyrol Vouchers are a safe choice:

100% secure payment methods
100% commission-free payment to your chosen hotel
100% secure redeeming at the hotel
100% secure holidays in South Tyrol